Lord Reign In Me Gospel       
I Looked Up Gospel      
Somtimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Gospel
Walking Down That Glory Road Gospel       
Hold On Gospel
Celebate Gospel
Lift Your Light Gospel       
Psalm And Hallelujah Latin Jazz Mass
Gloria in excelcis Deo Latin Jazz Mass
Vater unser Latin Jazz Mass       
Peace I Give To You Latin Jazz Mass      
Laudato si mi signore Latin Jazz Mass
Lord I Am Not Worthy Latin Jazz Mass       
Sing A Song Of Gladness To Our God Latin Jazz Mass      
Silent Night
Tancuj tancuj Tschechien       
Pridy ty suhajko Slowakei      
Song Of The Sea Irland
Trubadurmollban Ungarn       
Leezie Lindsay Schottland
Mamaliye Südafrika
Keep Your Hand On The Plow USA
Precious Lord USA
Ose shalom Israel
Bei mir bistu shejn Jiddisch
You Raise Me Up Irland
The Broom Of The Cowdenknowes Schottland
Carrickfergus Irland
Riversong Irland